Remember the people you meet, 100% of the time.

Automatic Contact Storage

Every connection a team member makes using Inigo is instantly uploaded into your company’s shared database. This means 100% of your clients, customers, partners, vendors and suppliers are securely kept in your digital contact book for future reference.

One Dynamic Card for Your Business

Begin by designing an attractive business card template that your team can proudly share with anyone holding a smart phone.

Your team can then add personalized information and adjust it as necessary. It’s just like an administrator would do for paper business cards, only faster and more cost effective.

Turn Every Contact into a Full Profile

Simply emailing or texting someone with Inigo retrieves their available information for you.

Their full profile - including social networks, job titles, where you met and more - are automatically stored, leaving you free to keep connecting.

Inigo quickly and accurately populates your contact book - utilizing social media’s powerful connection tools - without the hassle. Abracadabra.

A Top Rated App for a Reason

Inigo is built with top rated apps for both Android and iPhone. Our 4-star rating was proudly earned thanks to our great customers and rapid response to their needs.

  • Share business cards with anyone, anytime
  • Easily access team contacts
  • Watch as connections grow with real time analytics
  • Create a dynamic card that suits your business
  • Give your team the ability to adjust their card as needed
  • Save time and money on printing costs

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Come Together as a Business and a Team

If They Don't Have Inigo, Don't Worry

Inigo makes it easy for you and your team to navigate the sales world. Every new contact becomes a connection whether or not they have Inigo. Team members can start sharing their card and building your network by simply adding their email or phone number.

Inigo works with all your devices: mobile, tablet, PC or Mac.

From Design to Done

There was a time when you could design a business card on your computer, purchase, then wait for your cards to arrive.

But why wait? Inigo Team removes the waiting room, allowing you to adapt rapidly at a fraction of the cost. Update your card, and those of your team, anytime and anywhere. Snail mail not included.

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