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Business cards are annoying

Want to make a better first impression? Instead of handing your new acquaintance a piece of card stock in the hopes they find you on LinkedIn next week, let Inigo introduce you properly.
Contacts can either scan your Inigo Profile using a QR Code reader, or you can send it to them directly via text or email. They'll be able to connect with you on your social networks right away, and even save your contact info to their smartphone for future reference. See? Much better.

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One Profile, Many Purposes

You need another social network like you need a tax audit, we get that. With Inigo, add all of your social networks to your Profile just once. Then, create versions of your Profile on-the-fly to share with new contacts depending on the situation.
To create a new version (let's say, for that Beer Brewers Conference you're attending this weekend), simply choose which social networks you want to share with people at that event, then presto! You're done. We leave the status updates and check-ins to those other apps you love.

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You're always in control

When you create or update a new version of your Profile in Inigo, whether it's for a specific event or just everyday use, you choose which of your social networks new contacts are allowed to see. You might share your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts at one conference, but just your Twitter and Google+ at another.
If at any point you decide you no longer want to share a social network, it will be removed from any or all Profile versions (including any Profiles that your contacts have saved on their devices!).The point is, you're always in control of your privacy. Period.

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Your new connections are just
a click away from Following you
on your favorite Social Networks

We've already integrated with
Facebook, Google+, Twitter,
LinkedIn and Skype

More to come soon:
Pinterest, Vine, Spotify, SoundCloud,
Live Journal, Four Square, Instagram

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Link Your Internet

- Self Analysis

Inigo Cards are smart.
They tell you how many times
you send a card.
And they tell you how many times
your cards are viewed.

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